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As part of one of our projects we created a live stream music platform called ‘Live Interactive Concerts, aimed at showcasing artists to the world. This spawned ‘LIC Unplugged’ a live streamed interactive music showcase for up and coming artists. All set against the backdrop of a state of the art recording studio in the heart of London’s East End. Above is a nice little playlist of the performances for your viewing pleasure…Enjoy!

A fast paced satirical show created by our young team of professionals. Our young Trevor McDonald wanna be rips the #?@! out of some of the funniest clips from the interweb :)   Here’s a promo for another show created by our young team as part of a project. This observational teen drama follows a team of dysfunctional urban youth wanting their own slice of the media industry pie.
  A live streamed community focused chat show created yet again by our young team of professionals as part of a project.  Wanting to get answers and challenge the people who have the power to influence change, we pulled the community and local politicians into a studio located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest…here’s what happened!!!


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